Jonas Landsbergis

Moon is made of concrete jewelry. Concrete + silver. 

Economy class dining set

Container for salt / seasoning

Furniture set for Vudex flooring company office

Stool 4 is made of four identical pieces - legs and a simple square top. It’s easily dismantled and can be stored compactly when not needed.

Stiklainis (eng. glass jar) is a transparent desk with one huge transparent drawer, perfect for large papers or simply any stuff that will create the mood and the graphics of the desk. You don’t have to open the drawer when you’re looking for something - if it’s there, you see it.

Fake Jewelry pendants, made of birch plywood can easily compensate the urge to wear fancy and expensive jewelry in a stylish way.

Trikampis is a corner lamp characterised by laconic form and minimalistic style. The light is formed in the very corner, from which it diffuses towards the room space. The light source of the lamp (LED) guarantees economic and long-lasting light.